For four years now we have been posing the „frequently asked questions” of our time. Our guests have included Alexander Kluge, Jenny Erpenbeck, Carolin Emcke, Slavoj Žižek, Peggy Parnass, and many more. Last season, for example, Falk Richter talked about “Political Theatre”(»Politisches Theater«) and “Thomas Ebermann insulted Helmut Schmidt” (»Thomas Ebermann beleidigt Helmut Schmidt«). We declared the European Republic as part of the »European Balcony Project« and invited Bühne für Menschenrechte (Stage for Human Rights) with »Die NSU-Monologe« (The NSU Monologues). In 2019-20 we continue this series with interesting guests and current topics.



At the »DachSalon«, which takes place twice a month in the RangFoyer, experts, students and the interested public discuss general questions of society and art. The evenings are organized by Ewelina Benbenek, Noah Holtwiesche and Martin Jörg Schäfer (Professor of German Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Hamburg) in collaboration with the M.A. in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg.



Theatre between Hamburg, Berlin, and Beirut

Under the title »Cursed to live in interesting times«, in a project supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Fonds Doppelpass – Kulturstiftung des Bundes), the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus cooperates with suite42, a theatre collective from Berlin, and the Zoukak Theatre Company from Beirut. Over the space of two years, productions are being created in Germany and the Lebanon which then tour the three cities. In spring 2019, the Zoukak production »Ghalia« was the first of these to visit the SchauSpielHaus. In November »The Good Life« (working title) by suite42 will premiere in the MalerSaal, followed by performances in Berlin (TAK Berlin) and Beirut (Zoukak Studio). The productions are accompanied by public discussion formats, workshops, and podcasts.
Thematically, the partners deal with the violence and the drastic changes currently happening in the Arab world and Europe. They do so by focusing on the positions and perspectives of the younger generations.


The Messiah

A Christmas farce by Patrick Barlow

German version by Volker Ludwig und Ulrike Hofman

André Jung and Michael Wittenborn have been blowing away audiences ever since the play’s 1988 premiere at the Theater Basel, directed by Nikola Weisse. After playing in Cologne, Munich, Zurich, Luxemburg and in Hamburg, too – in the era of Frank Baumbauer –, »The Messiah«, now with Marie Jung as Frau Timm, stops off once again at the SchauSpielHaus.
With: André Jung, Marie Jung, Michael Wittenborn
Directed by: Nikola Weisse / Stage Design: Andreas Tschui / Costume Design: Kathrin Gurth / Music: Georg Friedrich Händel and Christoph Marthaler / Dramaturgy: Stefanie Carp


UnterGrund (UnderGround)

Autumn 2015 is when »UnterGrund« started, an uncontrolled and irregular series in which our ensemble members take over the RangFoyer and other small venues to create their own evenings. »UnterGrund« goes into its fifth season with, among others, the following events:

Ecce Homo

after Friedrich Nietzsche
"This is the attempt to spread some light and terror on myself" – With these words Nietzsche sends the manuscript of his last philosophical work to his publisher, a good month before his breakdown. In »Ecce Homo. Or: Why I know a few things more« Nietzsche looks back at the development of his philosophical work. It is the story of a controversial and fascinating way of thinking, which confronts the reader with many contradictions that need to be resolved. With the "revaluation of all values" as his goal, Nietzsche does one thing above all: the exercise of a radical, individual freedom.
In a theatrical installation, Max Pross and Carlo Ljubek, together with musician Raphaela Andrade, devote themselves to a thinking and feeling that vehemently avoids boundaries, universality and permanence. A rush of music, always on the verge of madness: "Have I been understood? – Dionysus against the Crucified ..."

Performed by: Carlo Ljubek
Directed by: Max Pross / Stage Design: Mara Pieler / Costume Design: Clarissa Freiberg / Music: Raphaela Andrade
Premiere: 22/11/2019 / MarmorSaal


Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

by Martin Mosebach
with texts by Valerie Solanas, Ulrich Horstmann and others

A forest, as dangerous as it is enticing, becomes the scene of the inevitable encounters between three generations of women and the outsider Wolf. Martin Höfermann focuses on the abysses of poisoned family constellations in Martin Mosebach's fairy tale dramatisation for adults.

With: Christoph Jöde, Angelika Richter, Kate Strong
Directed by: Martin Höfermann / Stage Design: Annina Brell / Costume Design: Katharina Leu / Dramaturgy: Sonja Szillinsky


Autorenzimmer (Author’s Room)

by and with Sasha Rau

For her production »Reichshof«, actress and author Sasha Rau invented "a salon where there is space and time for appearances by some special guests from real life and/or my fictitious past". Most recently, these guests were Yoko Tawada, Lasha Iashvili and the Krachkisten Orchestra led by Tintin Patrone – the »Autorenzimmer« (Author’s Room) has found its firm place in the RangFoyer at the SchauSpielHaus.