A Sheep for Life 5+

Stage adaptation of the picture book »Ein Schaf fürs Leben« by Maritgen Matter

Premieres 22/11/2008

Studio Wiesendamm

Running time: One hour, no interval

Recommended for people aged 5+, pre-school and grades 1-4


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On a cold winter’s night Wolf trudges through the snow with a grumbling stomach. “I’m hungry, hungry, hungry!” he mutters, looking for something to eat, when suddenly, he discovers a warm and friendly-looking stable. There he is welcomed by the hospitable Sheep, who immediately offers him some juicy hay and hot tea. But that isn’t at all to Wolf’s taste!

In order to have Sheep for himself – his idea is of course to eat her – he suggests a little sledge ride to a secluded place called “Experience”.
Sheep is very excited about going on an adventure trip, and so they both hop onto Wolf’s sledge. They speed through snow-covered valleys and dream of the wonderful place called “Experience”. Wolf promises: “Everything there is made of gold. They have big towers and squares as wide as the sky, and wells of lemonade, and parks full of clover.”

Unexpectedly Wolf and Sheep get closer to each other on the trip. Wolf’s efforts to eat Sheep are thwarted by her charms, naïve kindness, and inventiveness. “What a Wolf, Sheep thought. I have always wanted a friend like him. And she leaned her head against Wolf’s back.” And Wolf also realises, to his own great surprise: “What a wonderful Sheep she is!” In a moment of joyful play, Wolf runs into serious danger. Sheep rescues him and brings him home safely. But can there really be a common future for the unequal pair?

With: Hermann Book, Jan Fritsch, Christine Ochsenhofer

Directed by Gertrud Pigor Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Music: Jan Fritsch Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević