Uberman or Love Visits

by Christoph Marthaler inspired by Alfred Jarry Directed by: Christoph Marthaler

Premiere 18/03/2018

Deutsches Schauspielhaus

Alfred Jarry’s (1873-1907) fictional character »King Ubu« is ever so famous. And that is precisely why this truly unruly gentleman makes no appearance whatsoever in Swiss director Christoph Marthaler’s new show. Actually, you need a magnifying glass to find the men in the play – in spite of what its title suggests. The ladies in »Uberman or Love Visits« are more or less among themselves and dip undisturbed into the highly comic universe of self-styled pataphysician Alfred Jarry, held together by surrealistic gravitational fields. Still, it isn’t quite impossible for there to be the occasional point of contact with neighbouring galaxies.

Not because of some unrelenting laws of nature, but because it is the present ladies’ explicit wish. Surprise, surprise – the carefully executed docking manoeuvres bring forth an extra-terrestrial manifestation: Love visits!

With: Marc Bodnar, Altea Garrido, Rosemary Hardy, Sachiko Hara, Anja Laïs, Sasha Rau, Clemens Sienknecht, Bettina Stucky, Gala Othero Winter and: Rolf Bach, René Batista, Uwe Behrmann, James Bleyer, Niels Christenhuß, Tommaso del Duca, Steffen Gottschling, Allan Naylor, Davide Pronat, Mohammad Sabra

Directed by: Christoph Marthaler Set Design: Anna Viebrock Costume Design: Sara Kittelmann Lightning Design: Annette ter Meulen Sound Design: Matthias Lutz, Christoph Naumann Video: Marcel Didolff, Peter Stein Dramaturgy: Malte Ubenauf Cello: Isabel Kathrin Gehweiler