In a Cold Winter Night 6+

by Charles Way

Premieres 28/01/2018

Große ProbeBühne

Imagine an island in the north. In summer it never gets dark and in winter it never gets light. There is a valley covered with snow and in this valley is a tiny cottage. In this cottage Smilla lives with her parents. It is actually quite cozy. One day, Smilla's mother has to go to town because she is expecting a baby. Her father is with the sheep. Smilla is supposed to stay at home with the dog Tigull and take care of the sick sheep Gulbra.

Things are not cozy at all anymore, because the dog doesn't obey her, the sheep runs away, and a snowstorm is approaching. Smilla sets out to look for the sheep and comes across an ice troll who is getting ready for the annual competition against his opponent, the fire troll. Smilla almost loses her courage, but in the end when her mother returns with the baby, Smilla is a little girl no longer.

"In a Cold Winter Night" takes the audience into a mysterious world where animals can talk and the forces of nature take up fights against each other. In a humorous and thrilling way, the English children's playwright Charles Way tells the story of a little girl mastering great challenges, based on an Icelandic tale. Taki Papaconstan-tinou will stage Smilla's journey through the night. He has often worked at the Junges SchauSpielHaus, most recently on Erich Kästner's »Das doppelte Lottchen« [Lisa and Lottie].

Ice troll: "No one has ever helped me. Everyone has always been too afraid." Smilla:" I'm afraid, but I will help you anyway… ."

With: Hermann Book, Christine Ochsenhofer, Thomas Esser, Katherina Sattler, Sophia Vogel

Directed by: Taki Papaconstantinou Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Live Music: Thomas Esser Video and Animation: Stefanie Rübensaal Sound: Nicanor Müller van der Haegen Video: Benjamin Owuso Dramaturgy: Nicole Dietz