by David Bowie (music and lyrics) and Enda Walsh (book)
German translation by Peter Torberg
Adapted from the novel »The Man Who Fell to Earth« by Walter Tevis

Premieres 17/11/2018


Thomas Jerome Newton, the alien who "fell" to earth to find water for his desert planet, has lost his mission and ends up disillusioned, lonely, and broken. He wants to die, to return to the stars, but he is trapped in himself, pursued by figures that orbit around him, while, as in a feverish dream, the boundaries between hallucination and reality become blurred. Tormenting demons seek him out, but also a girl who promises salvation...
In 1976, David Bowie himself played the alien in the film version of the science fiction classic by Nicolas Roeg. Forty years later, together with Irish playwright Enda Walsh, Bowie wrote the continuation of Newton's story. He included many of his great songs, such as »Absolute Beginners«, »Heroes«, and »This is not America«, as well as new songs, specially composed for this thrilling musical. »Lazarus« was, besides the album »★«, Bowie's last work before his death in 2016.

»Lazarus« is presented with the kind permission of Robert Fox, Jones / Tintoretto Entertainment as well as the New York Theatre Workshop.
Performance rights: Verlag Felix Bloch Erben, Berlin |

Newton: Alexander Scheer Mädchen, später Marley: Gala Othero Winter Valentine: Tilman Strauß Elly: Julia Wieninger Zach: Thomas Mehlhorn Michael: Yorck Dippe Japanerin / Maemi: Sachiko Hara Ben: Jonas Hien Teenage Girls (Choreographie und Tanz): Johanna Lemke, Ruth Rebekka Hansen, Chris Scherer, Nina Wollny Band: Hanns Clasen, Sonja Beeh, Kay Buchheim, Alain Croubalian, Stephan Krause, Bernadette La Hengst, Rebecca Oehms, Samantha Wright

Directed by: Falk Richter Stage Design: Katrin Hoffmann Costume Design: Andy Besuch Musical direction: Alain Croubalian Video: Chris Kondek Video assistant: Ruth Stofer Lighning Design: Hartmut Litzinger Dramaturgy: Rita Thiele Correpetition: Martin Hornung Vocal Coach: Jane Comerford