We did what we could

A piece of medical-theatrical research on life and death in the German healthcare system

Premiere 12/09/2020



Based on three cases from recent German criminal history, this play shines a light on the circumstances and limits of an ailing healthcare system, in which hospital operators and the pharmaceutical industry have made patients into “clients” and nurses and doctors into “healthcare providers” in the interests of profit. Without this inhumane system geared to economic efficiency, the three cases would most likely never have happened, and because the topic is taboo they seldom come to light.
Baroque music, played and sung by the ensemble’s musicians and actors, accompanies this journey into closed rooms – the intensive care unit, the back office of a pharmacy.
Director and author Tuğsal Moğul is an anaesthetist and emergency doctor in Münster, as well as working in theatre. His debut play »Semi-strong Demigods«, the first of a trilogy about doctors, patients, and their relatives, was invited to the Heidelberger Stückemarkt in 2011. His research projects, e.g. »Turkish Trees of Life« (2013) and »Germans Were Also Among the Victims / The NSU murders« (2015) received multiple prizes and have been invited to a number of festivals. This is the first time Tuğsal Moğul is directing at the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus.

With: Yorck Dippe, Ute Hannig, Christoph Jöde Musicians: Tobias Schwencke, John Eckhardt Muscians: Swantje Tessmann

Directed and idea by: Tuğsal Moğul Stage and costume design: Ariane Salzbrunn Musical direction: Tobias Schwencke Dramaturgy: Anika Steinhoff Choreography: Catharina Lühr